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A New Adventure – Freelancing++

For the past 18 years I have worked in a variety of roles from green grocer to solution architect. I have been employed by a number of companies and I have always been the employee. That ends today.


My days have been spent trading time for money. Now, don’t get me wrong. I have loved almost all of what I have been doing and I have learnt an enormous amount and gained invaluable experience. I have worked with some amazing people that are passionate about their craft and passionate about sharing that knowledge, and for that I am grateful. I would not be where I am today, if it hadn’t have been for the collective that these experiences is.

From today I am master of my own schedule. I have left the perceived security of a steady paycheck and chosen to pursue what is my passion and my ambition. I am not leaving software in any way, in fact I am probably getting more into it. Initially I am freelancing on three amazing projects that I cannot wait to get started on. I will tell you more about those in due course. Safe to say they are completely innovative in their own space and nothing like it exists.

I will still be heavily involved in the community, organising the Melbourne Windows Platform Meetup, Xamarin Hackdays, DDD Melbourne and speaking at various events. You aren’t getting rid of me that easy.

Another project that I am now going to take extremely serious is my podcast The Dane & The Pain, which I co-host with Joel Jackson. We have put together a long term plan and we are getting sponsors on board and staff to help us edit and produce the show. It is extremely exciting and I believe we have a format and approach unlike any other tech show. You can even be a member and become a Delinquent of the show.

I am also writing articles for gooroo.io, Sitepoint.com, the Pluralsight Blog and a larger writing project is underway as I write this. And of course I am still producing more Pluralsight courses too.

When I don’t do any of the above we own a bed & breakfast¬†that needs some attention, we have a classic car restoration business and we help out in the local community where possible.

Life is great.