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Becoming Successful and Finding Your Own Strengths – Interview With Scott Allen

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While at the Pluralsight Author Summit 2015 in Salt Lake City, I caught up with Scott Allen. We had a chat about the methods people learn and how you might fail at one way, but succeed at method number 17. We also talked about the success Scott has had with Pluralsight, and how this has changed his life, if at all.

He is one of the friendliest and nicest people I know and he is always willing to share experiences and advice, just like in the interview below. Enjoy.


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  • Developers are such nerds. We do what we do because we love it, not so that we can get rich. As a result, successful developers aren’t quite as inspiring as rock stars. There’s no yachts and super cars, but we can set our kids up for college. 😛

    • Lars Klint

      If you think yachts and super cars are inspiring, then no. Personally I am very interested what makes people drive towards a goal, and what happens when they get there. You always need a new goal to keep your life moving forward, in my opinion. If there happens to be enough money involved to remove that worry, then awesome.

  • Personally I’m not into yachts and super cars, but my point was that in the old days, rock stars would inspire people to be like them by showing off their lives of abundance. Whereas now, the rockstars of our age, developers, have a much more low key success, externally.

    I totally agree and as I said, our success comes from doing what we love, and that’s why we do it. Is that going to inspire the next generation? Maybe. But how times have changed!

  • Nice interview. Scott seems like a really down-to-earth guy.

    I liked that he placed importance on still working with other programmers. I think some of the best instructors are those still “in the field”. They’re dealing with the daily cruft and the same issues as everyone else, and that makes them more relatable.

    • Lars Klint

      Scott is extremely down to earth. Super friendly, helpful and not afraid to share his experiences.

      I completely agree. Even though I am doing more and more training and writing, I still make an effort to get out in the field as well. Super important to stay relevant as well.