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10 Tips for Getting Started With Home Automation

I have been dabbling a lot with home automation in many areas over the past 18 months. I have automated lights to come on a certain times or for certain events, installed water tank level monitoring, set up temperature sensors all over the place, integrated local weather with alerts, used motion sensors to monitor our gate and much more. Over that time I have learnt a ton. Some of it I wish I knew before I started, so I thought I’d help out anyone else just starting out with home automation. There are 10 tips, which I think are important to consider or carry out to get the right start. I put them all together in this little video. Enjoy 😁

Updating Farm Wi-Fi with Ubiquiti Unify

TL;DR: I upgraded part of my Wi-Fi network on my farm with Unify equipment after years of “making do”.

Let me Explain the Setting

Roughly 5 years ago I moved, with my family, to a farm in rural Victoria, a state in the South of Australia.

Farm View

While it is beautiful and we absolutely love living here, there are technical challenges. Australia is not known for amazing internet connections and speeds. In fact, we are number 50 on the list of global internet speeds beaten by Kenya, Luxemburg, Qatar and a lot more (46 others actually). If you then move to the middle of nowhere in Australia, you are asking for a world of Internet pain. And of course I work from home in technology and recording lots of videos. We are too far from the phone exchange to get even an ADSL connection, there is no fiber (that is something you eat in these parts), and there is no mobile connection.Β When we moved in we took over a satellite internet connection which tested as follows. Continue Reading