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Code Europe – Speaking about HoloLens in Poland

In December 2016 I was invited to speak on HoloLens development at a new conference, Code Europe, in Poland of all places. I have never been to Poland, and to be honest, initially I thought the first email was spam. But it wasn’t. I ended up doing 2 workshops and 4 talks in two cities in 3 days. It was a bit hectic. Before I go into details, check out this recap video from absolvent.pl, the company behind the event.

The venues for this event were amazing. The first on 5 Decemberย was ICE Krakow, a large conference center on the banks of the Vistula river. It was centrally located with views of the Wawel Castle through the enormous glass windows. The rooms were quite spread out over 4 floors and if you had to go from one to the other it took a fair while. It was well attended with approximately 1500 attendees for the one day event.

The second venue in Warsaw on 7 December was the actual national stadium, PGE Narodowy. Of course we didn’t fill it with 58,145 geeks, but instead were in the conference part of the venue. There was a similar number of people to Krakow and a large number of exhibitors as well.

My talks were on HoloLens (of course) and Cortana integration, and I did a short 2-hour workshop on how to develop for the HoloLens device. I also watched some of the other talks on offer and the Code Europe team had managed to gather a lot of first class speakers. As speakers we were treated very well, and at all times knew what we were supposed to do. Of course there were areas of improvement, as there is with any first time event, but on the whole I was very impressed.

Finally, I did an interview on the HoloLens technology, which you can see below.