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Learning HoloLens Development

For the past year I have been doing a lot of talks, workshops and writing around the HoloLens device. I have travelled to Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Poland and lately England, as well locally around Australia to share my passion for the device and the development for it. Although the tooling continue to improve and change, the main paradigm and approach hasn’t changed. Mixed reality is still the same, but the interest for it (and other digital realities) is growing rapidly. Because I can’t be everywhere and only can attend so many conferences and events, I decided to turn some of my conference material into a Pluralsight course for all to consume.

The course aims at beginners in the digital reality space, and in particular mixed reality which is the technology HoloLens employs. If you have C# experience that is an advantage, but not really necessary. You’ll learn to use gaze, gestures, voice commands and spatial audio, as well as getting an understanding for spatial mapping, which is what makes the HoloLens a mixed reality device. You will also get an understanding for how you test the device, and how you use the tools. This is a great start to holographic development and even if you are just curious about what you can do with a HoloLens, you can participate and get something out of the course. See the trailer below and access there course here