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Review – Avantree NFC Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Last time I did a review, it was of the Avantree Hive Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, which I thought was great value for money.  So this time around I wanted to test how much better, if at all, the next model up would be. I chose the NFC Bluetooth Stereo headphones, also from Avantree, to get as much of accurate relative comparison as possible. So how did we go? Keep on reading.


I know how everyone always starts with the unboxing, but I really believe it is important. The box is the first thing you see in the shop (if you still go to physical shops and buy stuff), and to some extent it is responsible for you picking up the item in the first place.

In this case, it is pretty ordinary. You get some info about the product and you can see part of the headphones through the clear plastic. Nothing unusual or extraordinary.

The box itself contains the headphones, a 3.5mm jack and the charger cable. Simples.


Plugging In

Halleluja!! The headphones come with a standard micro USB cable for charging. Unlike the cheaper headphones, these actually can be charged by the plethora of micro USB cables you no doubt have lying around. It is a simple thing, but to me it really does make a world of difference. Anyway, plug them in to charge. Go.

Box Content


Couldn’t be easier. Switch NFC on your phone, on Windows Phone it is called Tap+Send, put the headphones in pairing mode, tap, and done. You can now listen to music, answer calls and enjoy wireless audio in general. I did have some problems using NFC initially, but I think it was my phone rather than the headphones playing up.

NFC of course isn’t really necessary, but it is a technology I would love to see be taken more advantage of. Imaging you could use NFC tap for movie tickets, prescription drugs to match your profile to the drugs for allergies, public transport and much more. For now it seems to be generally used for pairing, which is convenient, but really not utilising the technology fully.


Putting Them On

The quality feel of the headphones is generally very good. It is very similar to the previously tested headphones also from Avantree, and I get the feel the production process is very similar. I do like the red accent on them, and they feel sturdy. Unlike the Wireless Stereo Headphones, they don’t fold into a smaller package, so unless you are used to wearing headphones around your neck, they are a bit clunky to fit in a bag.

The sound is great, but I would argue it is very similar to the previous cheaper headphones I reviewed. Is it worth spending $75 on these headphones? I am not so sure. I think you can get better value by getting the cheaper model I reviewed before.



To get the Avantree NFC Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, our friends at Mobile Zap have a lot more:  http://www.mobilezap.com.au/35860/samsung/galaxy-s5.htm

Disclaimer: The Avantree NFC Bluetooth Stereo Headphones were provided by Mobile Zap for this review, however, they have had no influence on the content apart from the link to their site.