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Social Engineering – A Pluralsight Deep Dive

In January I was fortunate enough to present at NDC London. This is one of the absolute best developer events, and is the younger sibling of the best developer conference in the world, NDC Oslo. While I was there I recorded another Play by Play with my good mate and partner in crime, Troy Hunt.

Play By Play Recording

The topic this time around was one most of us encounter almost every day: Social Engineering. It is one of those topics that change constantly and can be really tricky to get your head around, so I was happy to be the test subject of another round of Troy Hunt treatment.

As you will see in the course, we touch on both computer and human based social engineering and show you how easy it can be to take over your machine and fool you into giving up personal information. I really enjoyed making this course, and to be live in front of the camera just adds something a little extra you don’t get in traditional Pluralsight courses.

Take a look now on Pluralsight to start the course. If you don’t have a subscription, let me know and I can sort out a trial for you. And in case you are wondering what is involved in recording one of these Play by Plays, here is a pic I snapped just before we begun filming.

Behind the scenes