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Setting Up Text-to-Speech in Home Assistant from Scratch

In this blog post, we will set up text-to-speech (TTS) in Home Assistant using Node-RED. This is a powerful feature that allows your smart home system to announce important alerts, messages, or notifications. If you’re new to Home Assistant, it is an open-source home automation platform that focuses on privacy and local control.

First, let’s enable text-to-speech for Home Assistant.

Enabling Text-to-Speech in Home Assistant

  1. In Home Assistant, go to the File editor.
  2. Add the following code snippet to your configuration.yaml file.
- platform: google_translate
cache: true
cache_dir: tts_cache
time_memory: 300
service_name: google_say
base_url: http://<IP:PORT_OF_HOME_ASSISTANT>

This snippet enables text-to-speech using Google Translate as the platform. It also caches some of the sentences to speed up the process and sets up the google_say service.

Don’t forget to replace <IP:PORT_OF_HOME_ASSISTANT> with the IP and port of your Home Assistant instance.

  1. Save the changes and restart Home Assistant.

Now that we have text-to-speech enabled, let’s use it in Node-RED. Continue Reading