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Tech Tips for Lenovo

A couple of months ago, Lenovo in Australia asked if I was interested in creating some short tech tip videos aimed at consumer users. I have been doing things with Lenovo since about April (mainly because I bought the amazing Yoga 900 and was a bit loud about it), so I was keen to give more back to the community. Initially I came up with ideas that were way too technical and too nerdy. I didn’t quite get what non-geek consumers find useful, but after some conversation with Lenovo I came up with a list of 12 ideas, of which we agreed on producing 5 of those.

On a rainy Tuesday in Sydney I recorded all five in a couple of hours, and over the past five weeks they have been published to YouTube one at the time on a Thursday. I have had great feedback from both the community and social media (even from developers!), which again confirms that just because one persons thinks something is trivial, doesn’t mean it is obvious for others.

With that in mind, here are all five tech tips in all their glory. Also, if you have other tech tips or comments, leave them below.