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How to Build a Personal Brand

[This article was first posted on gooroo.io]

I have been freelancing as a software developer and architect for almost two years now and I have got a lot of valuable experiences from it. The reason I was able to start being my own boss was a combination of things, but it was in large part due to a personal brand I have built up. I had for a long time been doing several things to build a brand that is me, but is also recognizable and opens doors in the right places. In this article I will describe some of the things that enabled me to do what I love and significantly propel my career in a direction of my choice. All of these topics might not apply to you, but they are part of my journey. Take what you can use and leave the rest.

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Updating Website Performance with Cloudflare

As some of my readers know I am co-host of the podcast The Dane & The Pain, a weekly show on tech, life and my co-host’s beard. As our show grows, the traffic to the website increases and being a tech show we wanted to make sure we follow the latest web standard to a certain degree. I don’t mean go all NSA proof and fine tune every single thing, but rather have a good set of practices in alignment with the current industry benchmarks. To be honest I am okay with spy agencies getting unencrypted access to my joke of the week.

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Podcasting – Why Bother?

I have been toying with the idea to make the podcast I co-host (The Dane & The Pain) a weekly regular show, for some time. Going independent means that I can allow myself a little bit of time to dedicate to the project. So I have. And I love it.

I caught up with a friend this week and among other things he asked “Why do you bother doing a podcast and why so often?” With the latter part of the question, he was referring to our decision to do a weekly show. And it is a question I have been asked in other contexts and in other ways. So here is why.

Podcast Mic

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