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Hosting a New Tech Show – The Future of Tech

Most people that spend any time with me, know that I like to talk to lots of people, I really love to present tech topics, and my personality (for better or worse) often comes through like a flood. Over the last few years, speaking has taken me around the world, I have created 23 Pluralsight courses (so far!), helped lots of developers through my mentoring services and written a ton of articles on everything from quantum computing to being a better developer.

When my good mate Sam then asked me if I was interested in hosting a tech show as part of their membership offering for A Cloud Guru, I was totally on board. After all, they wanted to let me host and produce a show with just me on the screen on topics I choose using scripts I have written. What could possibly go wrong?

It turns out that creating a show that is of high quality of about 20 minutes in length, with researched content, a thorough script and visuals to support the recording is a lot of work. Who would have thought?! In fact, it takes a host (me), a content producer, a camera operator, a sound guy, a (very patient and talented) editor, a website developer to get the new show its new home, and then of course a marketing department to promote it. Yeah, this was more involved than I thought.

To top it off, we had to record the first episode twice, because the sound was off the first time. Well, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it, right? The end result is the first episode, the pilot, of The Future of Tech that takes a look at augmented reality. It is full of history, actual devices, demos and a look at where this could take us in the future. Click the image below to see the first episode, completely free.