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Never Giving Up – When Life Gets in the Way (New Pluralsight Course)

I like to keep my life full of challenges, projects, experiences and never just settle. Those people that know me best have come to live with me never sitting still, never being content with the current state of things. I have achieved a lot of my goals, but I am still very much a work in progress. As you might have seen I have created courses, written articles and conducted webinars for Pluralsight for quite some time. While an article can be written in a relatively short space of time and you can fit it in with other tasks quite easily, a course is a different beast entirely. I have to script what I say, produce PowerPoint slides, write demos and then record everything. Unless you have a dedicated sound recording studio, getting clean sounds is really hard! I have birds, kids, washing machines, guests and 1000 other things being noisy and disruptive. So I tend to record from 10pm onwards.

About two years ago I had just completed two courses and I was ready to sign on for the next one. Despite the fact my son had just been born, moving house (huge move that ended up taking 6 weeks), starting a Bed & Breakfast, taking over a 50 acre property and changing jobs, I figured I would just take on another course contract. After all, how hard could it be? Answer: very.

Over the next two years I changed Pluralsight editor, wrote some articles, did a webinar, recorded three Play By Plays and constantly said “yes, I will record the course soon”. I even recorded half of the course about a year after, only to find Microsoft changing the tool I was teaching, completely. I had to start over again. My skills got so rusty that I made mistakes and had to deliver things 3 and 4 times to get it right.

But I never quit. I never gave up. To me Pluralsight is one of the best opportunities I have ever come across, in so many ways.

Two years almost to the day of signing the contract for the course, it is finally out there. Strangely enough in the world of technology, as time progressed my course got more relevant. I am very proud to deliver this beginners course on universal Windows app development: Building a Universal Windows App in 3 Hours. It is a course for both non-developers starting out, as it is for developers with an understanding of app development. I hope you enjoy it.