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Nokia Future Capture Hackathon Apps Available Now

In late August I participated in the Nokia Future Capture Hackathon in Lund, Sweden with 9 other teams of developers. We had all been invited and flown to Sweden based on ideas submitted on how to utilise the Nokia Lumia 1020’s amazing 41MP camera. The aim of the hackathon was to develop a concept of the idea and then present it to the Nokia imaging team. It was an awesome event.

And now, a few months later the apps are starting to emerge in the Store. Below are the top 3 apps from the event, which are all now available in the store.

Smart Resize

The winning app is now available in the Store for free! The Smart Resize project lets you resize photos and the algorithm in the app magically knows what the boring bits are, so you don’t have to. It is a very clever idea and well executed. You can even outline areas that cannot be erased, areas that have to be erased and apply filters to the finished image.

Available here.

Smart Resize  Smart Resize

Social Scene

This is a big undertaking by Jason letting users capture images at all corners of the globe in a collaborative way. It was the runner up at the hackathon. Social Scene lets all users create time lapse videos by recording the exact position of each scene, guiding new users to the spot at any time to contribute to the experience. The app is very well presented and polished, and is frequently updated with new features. Give it a go and create your own Scene.

Available here.

Social Scene Home  Social Scene Directions  Social Scene Profile


To address the issue of taking photos of yourself, Matt has built an app that lets you pair two phones and let one act as the viewfinder and the other as the camera. So you aim with one phone and can then see the image on the other phone so you can position yourself juuuuuust right. The idea doesn’t stop there though. Matt has built it in a way that you can control the camera from anything that uses his api, in fact Matt had the camera hooked up to a 200×200 pixel black and white smart watch. Very clever idea.

Available here.

Tap Shoot Guide  Tap Shoot Guide  Tap Shoot