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Scandinavia 2017 and HoloLens

For the last couple of years I have done the yearly pilgrimage to NDC Oslo in June. This is still the best developer conference I have ever been a part of. And guess what? I get to go again this year. I have been fortunate enough to be selected to participate in this amazing event again, and I can’t wait.

Because my heritage is Danish and all of my family is still in the old motherland, I usually combine it with a visit to my family and a holiday. This year I thought I would get a bit more out of the trip and organised both private and public workshops and presentations in Scandinavia.

Devsum 17

I have been invited to present at Devsum in Stockholm in June, which is a great .NET conference in Sweden. It draws some amazing speakers and a big crowd every year. I am doing a workshop on HoloLens with my good mate Jimmy Engström, and we can’t wait to share HoloLens development tips in a fun and interactive way. I am also doing a talk on some more in depth techniques for developing for HoloLens.

NDC Oslo

This is the big one. I have written about this event for years and I still haven’t come across a more coherent and personal developer conference. This is the third year I am attending, and I am more excited than ever. It is also the 10th year anniversary of the event, so there are lots of surprises in store. I will be giving my talk on some of the HoloLens developer segments that often aren’t covered for the typical “introduction to HoloLens” kind of talks.

Just like in London I will be hosting the “Spectacular Failures” event on the Thursday night, which was an absolutely stellar success. I am also doing a private talk on HoloLens for a leading consultancy in Oslo in the days leading up to NDC.

Pluralsight Play by Play

One of the things I have grown to absolutely love doing is play by plays for Pluralsight. I have described before what they are, but essentially they are live recordings of two Pluralsight authors discussing a semi-scripted topic. In London I recorded three play by plays with Stephen Haunts, Filip Ekberg and Troy Hunt. In Oslo I am recording six new ones. Yeah. I am doing another with Troy and Steve, but this time I am also excited to reveal I will be recording with Duncan Hunter, Scott Allen and Jon Skeet.  It’ll be amazing.

Workshops and Talks

After NDC I will be in Denmark visiting family, but also conducting a bunch of workshops and user group talks. I am doing a one day workshop for the Danish union for IT professionals, Prosa, followed by a user group talk for Copenhagen .NET User Group (CNUG). I then have a private talk for a Danish IT company, and after that I am doing two 2-day workshops for Skillshouse in two parts of Denmark.


If you are interested in getting me to do a private presentation on HoloLens or conduct a workshop in Scandinavia, I can still fit things in so give me a shout. My current schedule looks like this:

Sweden: 6-10 June

Norway: 11-16 June

Denmark: 17-28 June

Exciting times ahead. Look forward to hearing from you.