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Becoming Successful and Finding Your Own Strengths – Interview With Scott Allen

While at the Pluralsight Author Summit 2015 in Salt Lake City, I caught up with Scott Allen. We had a chat about the methods people learn and how you might fail at one way, but succeed at method number 17. We also talked about the success Scott has had with Pluralsight, and how this has changed his life, if at all.

He is one of the friendliest and nicest people I know and he is always willing to share experiences and advice, just like in the interview below. Enjoy.


Interviewing John Papa and Community Involvement

Back in March I interviewed the all around awesome guy John Papa on what it means to be involved in the “community” and why as a developer being in love with your craft, the community can help you excel and meet awesome guys and gals. John is involved in a great deal of community initiatives and shares with me how it has helped him and why he thinks it is so important.

We talk about DDD Melbourne, which is on 8 August this year (2015), an event I have a great deal of involvement and interesti in. And if you don’t understand what you can give and get from the community, take 12 minutes out of your day to watch the interview.

Below is the interview. It is a ripper.

Pluralsight Webinar – Building Windows Apps for Windows 10

It comes as no surprise to those who now me and read this blog that I have a soft spot for all things Windows development (well, most things at least). I have teed up with Pluralsight to present an online live webinar of all the ways you and build Windows apps. It will be an overview of how easy it is and how varied a skill set is now catered for. You will be surprised how much Microsoft loves everyone now.



The webinar takes place at 1 p.m., July 28th USA Pacific/ 6 a.m., July 29th AEST (yep, I am getting up early for you guys).


The event is completely free and you can sign up here now.


NDC Oslo Talk – Universal Windows Apps [VIDEO]

Last week I presented in Oslo on the new backbone of Windows 10 app development – Universal Windows Apps. The talk touched on all of the new initiatives coming out of Microsoft relating to building apps that run on anything from phones to IoT devices to HoloLens. You can even use your iOS objective C code and Android java code to create apps for the Windows eco-system.

The video is below. I hope you enjoy the session and the free bad jokes.

Universal Windows Apps – Develop for all Sizes – Lars Klint from NDC Conferences on Vimeo.

Going Solo – 5 Tips to Being an Independent Software Consultant

[This article was first published on gooroo.io]

I recently decided to do my own thing and be working for myself. This was not a decision that came overnight or easily, but rather required a lot of planning, hard work and dedication. Since then I have had a number of people not only congratulate me (which is nice) and wish me luck (which I hope I don’t need), but also ask “how do you do it?” My interpretation of this is not “How did you manage to quit your job”, but instead “How can you do it and not be completely petrified, stressed and worried about how you’ll support your family?” And that is a fair thought and question, hence I decided to try and provide some points of guidance on how to get to a point where you can be a master of your own time too.

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How to Be a (Great) Software Developer

[This article was first published on gooroo.io]

I didn’t always know I wanted to be a software developer, and I certainly didn’t know that I was going to end up inspiring and teaching other developers how to be awesome and even better at what they do. I didn’t set out from school with a great vision of taking over the bits and bytes of all your computers, but I have always been interested in computers and technology. In this article I will share some of the top tips I have found over the years that can launch you into a software career.

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7 Reasons Why the Universal Windows Platform is a Big Deal

I have been doing a few talks lately on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), and there are several more to come. Often though, I’m asked “Why is it such a big deal?” or “Why should I care?” Completely reasonable and relevant questions, especially given my public fascination and fanboy-ism of Windows Phone. However, there is a lot more to UAP than merely Windows Phone.

Microsoft has a vision of “One Windows”, which in essence means that your apps can run on a single platform that spans all of the different form factors running Windows, whether that is Raspberry Pi or tablet, or even Xbox. I have decided to try and spell out why it is so important, not just for the Microsoft stack and developers, but for tech in general. Here are my top 7 reasons.

Windows10 One Platform

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Windows 10 and Cross Platform Development

[This article was first published on gooroo.io]

Windows 10 is looming and already details of new features and new components are emerging. In this series of articles I will cover the new features of Windows, both as an IT Professional as well as a developer. The amount of work and investment made by Microsoft into the Windows eco-system means that this is not a small update, but a key to the future success of the platform. One of the new features is a cross platform capability of apps that is unmatched anywhere. In the not too distant future you will be able to run your Windows 10 apps on phone, tablet, desktop, Xbox, Internet of Things (such as a Raspberry Pi), HoloLens and many many more devices.

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